Be clear communicating the value of your offer, or the client will make up their own

When dealing with clients, or potential clients, everything you do for them, or offer them, should have a clearly defined value, from the outset.

Don’t offer anything unless the client understands its value.

Otherwise, effectively, you are communicating that it is of no value!

(and if it is of no value; why do it in the first place?!)

You may not ask them to compensate you exactly for it (for example, you may waive a fee) but they should be aware that it exists.

If you don’t give them clear guidance of the price you put on what you offer, they will only have their own interpretation to go by; their own perceived value.

And, invariably, without your initial influence, a client’s perceived value will be a lot lower than yours!

Moreover, once they have their own perceptions, it is challenging to change them – especially if change means them paying more for something otherwise taken for granted.

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