Help first, sell second

Ask not what your audience can do for you but what you can do for your audience!

So goes the famous quote.

(well, something like that 😉 )

At its root, it means looking first at how you can provide value and utility to people, before considering how they may then help you.

Although you’re in business to make money, and to make money you need to receive payment from customers, if you focus too hard on the payment part you’ll likely leave undeveloped the solid foundation you need for your business; the trust, loyalty and belief you get from initially over-delivering on expected value to your audience.

So, before trying to sell to people, try first to help them.

(incidentally, this can also be a useful route to finding your business, if you want to be in business for yourself but not yet sure what it is you should be selling)

Find out how you can best serve people, how you, uniquely, can best help them.

Get feedback.

Get testimonials for future use, if you can.

The more you build this “value credit” with your audience, the easier it’ll be, both to launch your paid-for product and to sell them when you do.

Ask not what your audience can do for you but what you can do for your audience.

And then do it 🙂

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