Quick workflow hack to make your blog post featured image look great

If you ever write blog posts and want a fast and free way to add a nice, original featured image to it (i.e. the main image at the top of the post) then this workflow is for you:

  1. Write your blog post first; it’ll help you get a better idea of what sort of image will work
  2. Install the Pablo Browser Extension (this isn’t strictly necessary, but it makes the process easier)
  3. Do a Google search for the sort of image you want (e.g. for this post I’d search “featured image”).
  4. At the top of the results, underneath the search box, click “Images” – this will bring up only images, rather than articles, etc
  5. To avoid infringing on anyone’s copyright, you might then want to click “Search tools” under the main search box, then “Usage rights” then select one of the options (e.g. “Labeled for reuse”)
  6. Click an image you want to use; it’ll expand a little bigger on your screen
  7. Hover your mouse over it and you’ll see a little blue box in the bottom right corner that says “Pablo” – click it!
  8. It’ll open the image in a new browser window, in the free Pablo design app
  9. Use the various options to customise your image then hit the blue “Share & Download” button, selecting the “Download” option to bring it to your computer

Huzzah! You now have an appropriately-sized featured image ready to drop into your blog post 🙂

Of course, there is nothing to stop you using your own image to start with, and simply uploading it to Pablo directly.

Also, Pablo has over 600k exceptional quality photos that you can search through and use for free; sometimes that’s a better place to start your search than Google.

Whatever your way of finding the image, using Pablo is a very swift, convenient and free way of quickly designing a featured image that will look great on both your blog post and when shared on social media too.

Bonus: if you use WordPress for your blog (as I talked about in this previous post) then add the free plugin Drag & Drop Featured Image. It does what it says on the tin; allows you to directly drag-and-drop an image straight into the “Featured Image” block of your blog post editor, rather than having to upload it via the Media Library, which makes things just that little bit easier for you.

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