Starting From Zero

Before Bruce Lee could impress the West with his one-inch punch, he had to start from zero.

Before Mozart could dazzle our ears with his masterpieces, he had to start from zero.

Before Steve Jobs could drive Apple into the richest company on the planet, he had to start from zero.

Everyone, every company, no matter how successful they become, had to start from zero.

From nothing.

Then, through a volatile and delicate mix of time and perseverance, the original germ of an idea can, just maybe, be cultivated into something remarkable.

Today I launched a new company, How To Be Successful in Music.

It launched with a single, simple blog post.

Since this is a blog about building audiences, among other posts, I’ll be charting how the new company fares over the coming weeks and months.

I’ll go into more depth, highlighting the strategies and tactics; documenting the results.

Hopefully, with enough time, and enough perseverance, it’ll prove to be a success.

But for now, for Day 1, we’ll leave it open-ended;

The site has no traffic.

The brand has no email list.

No-one knows it even exists.

So here’s to the journey; I hope we all get to learn something useful.

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