Want to grow your business? Learn from babies!

It turns out we can learn a lot about business success from babies!

The great thing is, we’ve all been babies, at some point, so we already instinctively know how to be successful in our endeavors, we’ve just forgotten how!

So bear with me, and hopefully it’ll become clear:

Why do you have so many “good ideas” that you’ve done nothing about?

There are many reasons, but today I’m going to focus on this one:

Not developing an idea into a tangible form because you can’t immediately realise it to the full extent you have in your mind

Take building this website as an example;

In my mind I have grand plans; sections for this, sections for that, great imagery, design and logos, amazing content, etc.

That’s the same in a lot of businesses; they decide it’s time for a new website and waste spend hours and hours discussing what it will look like, what it will have, the colour scheme, the layout, then developing it as a mock-up, often with paid outside help.

Eventually, after a lot of back and forward, months and months later they may have a website that they like. Most likely they have a compromise site that doesn’t really do anything particularly well.

Most importantly it doesn’t really do what’s needed; not by the company, but what’s needed by the visitor.

The visitor is crucial.

The visitor is your audience;

Your audience is the only thing that matters

How do you know what your audience wants until you put something out for them to use in the real world?

This is a fundamental of all businesses, whether you make a children’s safety product, put on weekend seminars, offer a new IT service or make music.

So, rather than spending weeks, months and even years developing and engineering your new product before releasing it to market, and then praying it’s what they want, build and release it in the smallest possible working versions.

Then take the real-world feedback and iterate; improve it with each fresh round of work, gradually but assuredly building a product that truly connects with an audience.

Back to this website; instead of creating this page and that page, and all the other bells and whistles, I’m starting with a single page – the blog.

With each day I’m writing one post (like this one!) and trying to make a little improvement to the general running of the site; adding a newsletter sign up one day, an author box the next, etc.

I keep a list of all the tweaks and improvements I want to make in a simple Google Keep note and work through them, slowly but surely.

Success doesn’t come from an overnight innovation – like winning a lottery – it comes from cumulative, persistent baby-steps.

And we instinctively know this; as babies we learned all the complex skills we take for granted today – speaking, running, etc – by iterating; trying each day, gaining real-world feedback, refining, trying again. Rinse and repeat. All the time building and improving the product (us!).

So don’t sit on your big idea because you can’t realise it in all it’s glory straight away.

Just start it.


Then, day-by-day, work on it; keep adding to it, keep building, keep listening for feedback (both overt and subtle).

And, eventually, you’ll have something of true value; a business with a dedicated and engaged audience.

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