Avoid problems: manage expectations

The key in any agreement – whether financial or merely verbal – is managing expectations.

This applies in whichever direction the communication is travelling;

  • upwards to your boss
  • downwards to your team
  • left to your suppliers
  • right to your customers
  • internally with yourself.

When people know what to expect, and when to expect it, they will be content when they receive it.

Assuming it is what was expected.

If they have different expectations – i.e. what they receive is not what was expected – then there is a disconnect.

That disconnect may be a positive one; you might over-deliver, or complete ahead of schedule.

Though, more often than not, it is negative.

And that creates problems.

Better to avoid problems altogether by managing expectations.

Be honest at the start.

Be clear at the start.

Be realistic at the start.

You can always adjust as you progress, as long as you make sure the other party knows what to expect.

But keeping quiet, not agreeing specifics, or simply assuming the other party knows all the details is a surefire way to create difficulties.

Ones that can sometimes take a long time to overcome.

Better to avoid them altogether by managing expectations

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