Don’t rely on your memory, always write it down

Us humans are truly remarkable creatures.

We can keep SO much information in our minds it really is incredible.

But, what we’re not always great at is being able to access all pieces of related information on request.

When you’re dealing with customers, suppliers, or internally with colleagues; write stuff down.

They might be notes, pertinent to delivering what you were just discussing on the phone.

They might be personal stories or anecdotes that a client just told on a sales call, that you might refer back to in a future call as you continue to develop your relationship with them.

They might be an agreement with your boss over holiday dates you’re going to take.

They might be amazing ideas you’ve just had that you are absolutely sure you won’t forget…until someone unexpectedly distracts you and you lose your train of thought.

Whatever the reason, write it down!

No matter how good your memory is, there will always be stuff you’ve missed, overlooked or forgotten.

Much better to have your detailed notes to refer back to, especially at those crucial times when you need them the most.

Write it down.

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