Don't focus on words - focus on white space

Before we read a document (e.g. an email) we first see it.

In seeing it, we scan and gauge its general flow; the density of the words, the amount of reading to be done, etc.

If it looks like it might be hard work¬†,to read, we tend to put it in our “to do” pile.

(and often, our “to do” pile doesn’t get “do’d” as much as we’d like)

To avoid your written communication being put to one side, here’s a tip:

Don’t focus on the words – focus on the white space

Win the initial battle of snap judgement, when the recipient “scans” the communication to decide how much work it’ll be to read.

The more white space they see, the easier they instinctively know it’ll be to read.

So split up one longer paragraph into shorter, single sentence ones.

Keep things as brief as you can.

Your reader will thank you for it subconsciously; by reading it straight away.

And isn’t that the foremost important goal of any written communication; to be read?

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