Make your life easier; go after the big win

When selling, we often assume that the bigger the sale price, the more work will be required to make the sale.

But often the reverse is true; it’s our own preconceptions and fear playing against us.

What’s easier to manage:

  1. One customer, or
  2. Ten customers


Clearly one customer.

Now, a slightly different question.

What’s easier to find:

  1. One customer, or
  2. Ten customers


Again, number one; one customer is easier to find than ten.

Finally, who’s easier to convince:

  1. One person, or
  2. Ten people


Yep, one person is easier to convince than ten people.

For a start, you can put 10x the amount of time into that one person than you could ten people.

You could spend longer qualifying them, listening to their needs, refining your offer.

Now, let’s imagine that:

  1. One person gives you £1,000 of business, or
  2. Ten people give you £100 of business each

The net result is the same; £1,000 of business.

But the effort isn’t the same.

Find the one person who can give you the big win, the type of “Yes” that will negate having to find nine other people to sell to.

Don’t shy away from them because you’re put off by the size of the sale you’d need to make – that it would be “easier” to sell smaller priced products; everything is relative.

Nine people might only be able to afford £100, whereas that one person might have 10x the funds, so they can afford £1,000.

Make your life easier, focus on the big win.

N.B. This doesn’t only apply to selling products; you could apply it to your goals, or task list, for example. Ask yourself “What is the most impactful thing I could do?” and then go and do it!

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