Make more profit by making things easy

Your job in business is to make your customer’s life easier.

If you’re an accountant, you make their life easier by handling their finance.

If you make tea cups, you make their life easier by helping them drink tea.

If you sell luxury evening dresses, you make their life easier by giving them peace of mind that you’ll dress them well.

But this concept shouldn’t be exclusive to the moment the prospect becomes a customer, by buying your product.

It should be front-and-centre in all their interactions with you, from the very first to the very last.

To give some practical examples, here are three random things I did today:

  • I looked at someone’s website for the first time. They are a musician; I wanted to find their social media channels, including YouTube. There were no links. I had to go via three sites to eventually find their YouTube channel. They didn’t make it easy for me and, if I hadn’t needed to do it for work, I’d have given up.
  • I wanted to get a lunchbox to keep my daughter’s food hot when she goes to school. I went on Amazon, typed in a vague search and immediately found just what I was looking for and, in two mouse clicks, it was on its way to being delivered tomorrow. They made it very easy for me, and I knew they would from past experience; that’s why I went straight to Amazon.
  • I wanted to close my Clydesdale bank account. I went into my Internet banking on that account and couldn’t find any way to close it. I searched their help documentation and couldn’t find anything. I went to the “Contact Us” section and tried to find a way to email them. Nothing. Live chat? Nothing. So I called them, was on hold for ten minutes, went through a long automation and then security process and, finally, was allowed to speak to a human to ask them to close my account..and they told me “No”! Apparently they can’t do it over the phone, I have to go into a branch! (in 2016?!) They most certainly made it very hard for me, and I will let that be known to anyone who’ll listen.

When a company is easy to deal with, we go back to use it again, even if they aren’t necessarily the cheapest or the best.

When a company is great to deal with, we tell others, sending them business via word-of-mouth; the best marketing value any business can have.

When a company is poor to deal with, we complain to everyone; their brand gets tarnished and they’ll have to work that much harder to impress people who’ve never dealt with them before.

So, in all the ways you represent your company to the public (e.g. website, invoicing, sales, aftercare, advertising, social media, etc) focus on making their life as easy as you can.

You’ll profit from it.

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