Why you should use testimonials

Facebook thrives on social proof, using images of our friends to engage us in new content. You should use it too, with testimonials to help your business…


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Don't waste words

When imparting written information (such as a blog post), we often think that the more words it has, the more valuable it is. That’s not necessarily true; brevity is valuable too…


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Personal benefit - the key to generating buyer action

Whether you’re selling a product or just an idea, persuading the other person to your way of thinking is crucial to getting them to act. If they don’t care, they won’t act. Often, though, they would care, if only they fully understood what’s in it for them…


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How to get people to buy from you

Nearly everything you do at work involves some sort of selling. It may not be obvious; you might not have the job title of “salesman”. But that doesn’t mean you’re not trying to “sell” others on your point of view. Here is a simple framework that might help you, no matter what you’re “selling”…


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