Are you maximising spend from your current customers?

Often people talk about finding new customers. But in focusing so hard on acquiring new customers, it’s easy to forget about your existing ones. If they’re already spending with you, they are already sold on your business; you don’t need to convince them to buy from you. What more can you do for them, can you offer them?


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Want to sell tickets to your seminar? Try this tactic

More and more people are looking to courses and seminars as a revenue stream. But if you’ve not got an audience to promote a new event to, or you are unknown, how do you get started? How do you build enough trust and interest so that people buy tickets? Here’s a good idea…


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4 elements you need to set up your own website

Whether in your job or for your own business, you might have had the advice “You should start a blog!” or “You need your own website!”. But it can be very daunting if you don’t know exactly what that entails. Here I break it down into an overview of the four basic elements you need to have your own website and/or blog set up…


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Blast off!

Three days ago I launched a new business, by starting with a daily blog. The initial results are impressive; here’s what happened…


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