Make more money - don't negotiate on price first

When negotiating with a potential buyer, lowering the price is usually the first thing you think of.

But the price is not the only variable of value to the customer.

For example;

  • Will speeding up delivery time make it more valuable to the client?
  • Is there some aftercare service that you can add?
    (such as training, insurance, updates, etc)
  • Could you offer a second product at a 100% discount?
    (i.e. get both products for the price of one)
  • Would changing payment terms help the customer say yes?
    (e.g. from up-front-one-off to 6 x monthly payments)
  • etc…

Each product is different, so your variables will be case-specific to your offer, but, before you lower the price, always see if there is a way to improve value for the customer at your current price offer, before you drop your price.

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