Getting sales; risk repeating yourself!

Very often we don’t respond to a new product, service or idea immediately.

Most of us need to have the message repeated a number of times before we act on it.

Perhaps it is because we just didn’t notice it the first few times, as might be the case with a magazine advert for a new brand.

Perhaps we weren’t receptive to it because we weren’t at the right stage of our lives, as might be the case with advice on savings and investments when we’re in our teens.

Whatever the reason, repetition of message is generally needed before it causes the desired reaction.

So don’t necessarily try to sell your idea or product with the first interaction.

And don’t be downhearted if people don’t buy what you’re selling the first few times you put it in front of them.

Plan for the long game.

Always provide as much value as you can.

Be helpful. Become trusted.

Assume it will take time.

Repeat your message in varying ways; use it to your advantage.

Eventually, you’ll catch the ideal moment; your messages have been fully absorbed, you’ve earned the prospect’s trust and, crucially, they are ready to buy what you’re selling.

Then you won’t need to sell to your customers, they will buy from you instead.

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