How to sell successfully - sell the sizzle, not the sausage

There’s a saying in sales:

Sell the sizzle, not the sausage

It basically means that, when selling your product, don’t focus too much on the specific details of the product, but on the customer, and what your product gives them.

Generally, we buy things because they solve a problem and fulfil an emotional desire.

If you focus your sell on their problem and, particularly, on the emotional benefit your solution brings, that’s far more effective than simply stating a bunch of generic facts about your product.

Imagine a guy walks into a construction store. He’s got children on the way and needs to build an extension to his home for his new family, so wants some cement.

Now, cement is a pretty boring item to sell, right?!

But as an example, compare:

  • This is a crate-load of cement. When it’s wet, you can build shapes and structures with it that, when they dry, become very hard and sturdy. So you can use it to build the walls, floors and ceilings of your new extension.

Not all that appealing, right?

Instead, consider this:

  • This is a crate-load of cement. It gives your family the gift of a beautiful new room to share together, somewhere safe and warm for all those precious moments of family laughter and joy, for all the years to come.

Just reading it gives you a completely different reaction, right?

Same crate of cement, but with the second statement you’re eliciting a positive emotional response by focusing on the true benefit of what the product brings, and helping your customer to imagine it as vividly as possible.

That’s selling the sizzle, not the sausage.

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